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Emergency in Sri Lanka LIVE: Emergency lifted after 5 days at midnight; Government defends imposition of emergency, says opposition responsible for violence Colomboone hour ago

Amidst the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has announced the lifting of emergency at midnight on Tuesday. He had decided to impose emergency in the country on 1st April itself. Since then, he was facing heavy opposition.

In the midst of the ever-increasing economic crisis, people across the country are also getting angry against China. Meanwhile, the government here claimed the opposition party Janata Vimukti Peramunavas (JVP) party to be behind the violence in the country. Sri Lankan government minister Johnson Fernando said that the opposition should not be allowed to indulge in thug politics.

The government also defended the President’s decision to impose emergency. It was said that emergency was imposed after the attack on the President’s office and other public properties.

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Updates related to politics in Sri Lanka…

According to the government order, the Emergency Ordinance was revoked at midnight on 5 April.
Sri Lanka temporarily closed foreign embassies in Norway, Iraq and Australia.
Former Sri Lankan finance official Nandlal Weerasinghe will take over as the Central Bank Governor on 7 April.
Hundreds of pastors and nuns joined the protests

Hundreds of priests and nuns marched in solidarity with the country’s economic crisis but unhappy with the government’s attitude. Catholic priest Father Cecil Joy Pereira, who participated in the protest, said – Our corrupt leaders should be sensitive to the people.

Demonstrations against China across the country
According to Sri Lankan media reports, the protesters say that the government does not have money, because it has sold everything to China. China is buying everything from other countries by lending them.

Army and police said – will take strict action
The Sri Lankan army has warned violent protesters of strict action. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the army said, strict action will be taken against those who indulge in violence in the name of protest. Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary, General (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne appealed to the people to stay away from violence.

Here, the Sri Lankan police have also warned the protesters not to break the law. So far 54 people have been arrested. The help of CCTV is being taken to nab the protesters.

Due to the deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka, people are getting angry. Police deployment has been increased to keep the protesters under control.
Due to the deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka, people are getting angry. Police deployment has been increased to keep the protesters under control.
Power cut of up to 6.5 hours from 06 to 08 April
Power cuts of up to 6.5 hours have been approved in Sri Lanka from April 06 to April 08. Janak Ratnayake, chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, says that the shortfall in foreign reserves for importing fuel from money borrowed from India has been temporarily reduced.

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