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EXCLUSIVE: Bills crisis will spark ‘crime spree’ as parents ‘steal to feed kids’, police boss warns

Labour’s Tom McNeil, Assistant to the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, said crime has ‘no excuse’ but claimed it’s ‘common sense’ desperation will lead to car thefts and drugs

Britain’s cost-of-living crisis will spark a “crime spree” with parents “stealing to feed their children”, a police boss warns today.

Labour ’s Tom McNeil claimed the government’s “failure to support people” will spark car thefts as people “choose crime to keep up the rent”.

The Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands said there is “no excuse for crime” – but it is “common sense” that poverty is one reason people do the wrong thing.

It came as Boris Johnson admitted families face a choice between heating and eating.

Asked if families should buy cheaper food, keep clothes for longer or turn the heating off, the Prime Minister replied: “People obviously are going to face choices that they are going to have to make.”

The Tory leader – who spent more than £100,000 renovating his flat – added: “We in the Government will do everything that we can to help.”

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